My dirty little real estate secret…

photo (2)I’m almost afraid to spit it out. I’m worried that my hubby will be upset. He might not let me do this any more.  It will be as though I have been deceitful…almost like I’m sneaking around.

Every Sunday I trudge off “to work.” I “have” to hold an open house for one of my peers at the office. “Sorry honey. You’ll need to watch the boy while I work.”

Well, here it goes… (don’t hate me sweetie!) But, uh, I’m not working. Yes, I’m at an open house, but the truth is…I love these things! Every stinking minute that I’m enjoying the sunshine on someone else’s lake view deck, rooftop patio, or fabulous back yard I am, in some weird way, on a mini vacation. It’s a time away with new people. Strangers.

I get to meet extraordinary people from every imaginable background. It’s almost like we’re momentarily at some B&B, strangers visiting for a common purpose…only this time it’s to find/sell a dream home.

I’ve got news for ya… I’m not the only one! I have a reoccurring mom, we’ll call her Dena. Dena is “looking for a new home.”  If I choose to hold an open at a home with a great outdoor space or stunning view I can almost count on Dena showing up. The first time I met her, she wandered to a rooftop deck in West Seattle and disappeared. I finally got curious enough to go looking. My new favorite “house hunter” was sunning. Shoes of, shirt unbuttoned, laying out in the sunshine, “Please, I have four kids at home. This is the only way I get a minute to myself,” she pleaded as if I was a security guard.

“Let me get you a chair,” I smiled.

It’s not just the open houses that I lie about. I’m in so much trouble here. I also love viewing homes. I toured a home yesterday with one of the most astounding views I have ever seen. Mount Si towered over me like a God, with a waterfall flowing from hundreds of feet above, a river just below creating just enough noise to keep it comfortable. The buyer’s left. I went back. I stayed and walked the grounds. I smelled the flowers. I was “working.”

This confession was penned from a home office with this view...72 degrees.  Happy.
This confession was penned from a home office with this view…72 degrees outside, Lake Washington from Kirkland/Jaunita… Happy.

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  • April 22, 2015 at 1:04 pm

    I love how you take the person right to the place you are talking about! Hope you get a chance to write the details of the homes you show!!


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