A Chance for Real Change Through Real Estate

I have been slow to blog lately, but it is for good reason.  I have been working on a new project, that if widely accepted, could bring – literally – millions of dollars to charities around our beautiful city, and around the country.

Because I have this blog I will share it here and I hope that you will share, like, tweet, WeChat, talk… print it off and mail it… to every one you know.  Because anyone looking to buy or sell a home can make a world of difference and you just never know who’s thinking about hopping into the real estate market.

February, 2016 – We began Project HouseReach, a unique real estate referral program that can connect a house-hunter to a Realtor that will donate .5% of the home price to the charity of your choice.  The Realtor’s are top-notch and selected for uniquely specific market knowledge and familiarity with the client’s situation.

Officially partnered with Village Volunteers, Planned Parenthood NW & HI, SOS Outreach, Pawsitive Alliance, Snoqualmie Valley Indoor Playground, and Water1st.org, Project HouseReach is a passive fundraising tool that can be marketed by any non-profit to their sphere to capture their current supporters or donors contemplating real estate. Ultimately they will receive a donation of .5% of the price of the home just for making the connection.  The average home price in Seattle is currently over 700k… for those who don’t want to do the math, that is an average donation of $3,500 for naught but a introduction.

Realtors are on board.  Why?  Probably unknown to those outside of the industry, real estate agents base much of their lively hood off of referrals.  Referrals from another city costs us 25% to the referring agent.  A referral from a relocation department can equal a 40% referral fee.  There are referrals from banks, apartment complexes, and universities, and they all cost a chunk of the commission.  So why would we not find a way to pass on this referral money go to the most deserving of all; the non-profits that we care about.

Project HouseReach does just that and has in just 3 months started to see success.  We delivered our first check to Village Volunteers, 501c3 in the sum of $3,125.00 in May.  The moment was magical.  Currently in contract is another donation that will equal $2,000 in July and we have a handful of house-hunters working with their Realtor’s with a projected total donation amount of over $15,000 by the end of summer.  Our goal is to donate 25k this year and we hope you will help!

Check out www.projecthousereach.com AND if you know anyone that is about to break into the market and does NOT yet have a real estate agent, please ask them to come to Project HouseReach!  They will get the Realtor of their dreams and participate in an amazing experience for the charity of their choice!

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