For the outdoorsman in the Highlands

image-2Nowadays I reside in North Bend.  One would think that the outdoor activities here would outshine any in the greater Seattle area, right?  I’ll tell ya what.  It doesn’t hold a candle to the variety that is just outside your doorstep in the Issaquah Highlands.


Hiking – You can walk right out your front door and hit the Grand Ridge trails from just about anywhere, as they run the full east to west length of the community.  From there you can walk to hiking at Tiger Mountain.  If you don’t feel like leaving the neighborhood there are actually miles of internal hikes within the green belts where you will not see homes.  Just pop over the top and you can make your way to Duthie Hill!

Tennis – There are four tennis courts available throughout the highlands, and a handful of lessons available from locals in the area.

Kids Sports – the IH boasts some of the nicest and most up to date baseball and soccer fields around.  There are basketball courts, enclosed roller hockey rinks, and an indoor play area for the rainy days.

Swimming – exactly 4 minutes drive away from the corner of Highland Drive and Park Street is the Julius Boehm indoor swimming pool.

Hockey – Again, with the enclosed roller hockey rink!  so many possibilities here.

Bobby at the playground nearest our home.
Bobby at the playground nearest our home.

Parks – There are parks for every age group.  From the day my child learned to crawl there were little tyke parks for him to play on.

Now, as a crazy, wild three year old he is tearing through the bigger ones.  Not to mention the views!  Oh my, the views!  Picture sitting at Grand View Park on a nice day while your tike gets worn down for his or her nap time.image-3

Mountain Biking, cycling – I’m a broker record here.  You can take any of the Grand Ridge trails right on over to Tiger, or to Duthie.  If you’re more of a pavement type the IH directly connects to a trail that goes from Preston to Seattle or Redmond if you so choose.

Running – See biking and hiking sections!  Also there are a variety of level jogglng trails throughout this well-thought out community.  As I trained for my marathon there were half mile pond loops, hill climbs, stairs, or, of course…Tiger Mountain.

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