Who is this Home Hippy Anyway?

I’m a real estate professional, home owner, investor and all around need to know it gal.  I’m obsessed with real estate, prices, trends, auctions, designs… all of it.  I’m finally managing my own home (vs the condo I just moved out of) and with it has come a lot of firsts for me.

There are things on here that you can only know by staying up late nights researching the market….there are things on here that are so basic you would feel silly for asking.  I’m going to ask for you.

Septic tanks, wood burning stoves, crawl spaces, flood insurance, and basic home care.

Foreclosures, interest rates, market rates, trends, and referrals…I’m eyeballs deep in industry guidance, news and updates.  I’ll keep on top of it so you don’t have to!

To sign up for a real estate market watch, check out listings, or to talk real estate beyond the blog visit: http://www.hilaryshemanski.bhhsnwrealestate.com, where I can get you top dollar for your own home or find you your perfect match.


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